Strategic Business Units Calibrated and Aligned for Value Driven Performance by Industry and Market Sector…

OCRG operates across multiple markets and industries, leveraging in-depth category experience and expertise to deliver results. Our teams are organized into groups that have developed specialized and pertinent in depth knowledge of their respective industries / markets. We combine our market groups with our delivery platforms to produce a unique blend of world class service delivery tailored to fit each specific market sector we operate in.

OCRG offers a wide range of capabilities for the real estate sector, providing value-driven development and management solutions across multiple market sectors
OCRG provides project development, procurement, and sourcing services in the Energy sector, focusing on Alternative fuels, “Green” energy, Petroleum, and Natural Gas sectors.
OCRG develops and manages internet and ecommerce businesses, focusing primarily on the B2B sector
OCRG offers a range of capabilities for the manufacturing industry including